Your condo unit in Manila may not smell good because of some factors like busy smoky streets, laundry maybe, or because of some cooking acts. Do you want to sleep with these unpleasant smells? Do you want to lie on your couch watching television with these foul odors? Probably not!

How will you kill these odors without spending much? Simple…use oranges!

Oranges have something very special that helps is deodorizing your home or affordable condo. There are excellent air fresheners and a natural way of freshening up the atmosphere too. In fact, these have been used for centuries to fill small spaces with a delightful fragrance as well as to combat moths.

How will you use oranges to deodorize your home? Here are some ways

(1) Simmer several oranges peels in 1-2 cups of water in a pot for few hours. Add water if needed. This procedure freshens up the pot as well as the air in your home. You can do this once a week.


(2) Sneakers might be a cause why there is some bad odor in your home, especially if you are living in a studio type condo unit. With oranges, you can freshen up your home as well as your sneakers. What you need to do is get some orange peels and put them inside your shoes.  You can also do this with your laundry. Put some orange peels in a bowl and placed the bowl near the laundry to purify the odor.  You can do this also with your garbage can!


(3)If you have an air-conditioning unit, you can put some orange peels near the air vent. This way, the cool air blown by the unit travels your home carrying some orange fragrance.  If you don’t have any air-conditioning unit, you can still do this trick by placing some orange peels near an electric fan. The effect is the same.

(4)If it’s winter time and you have a fireplace, try throwing up some orange peels. Since orange oil is highly inflammable you can start a fire putting dried orange peels in the fireplace. The sweet and tangy smell of orange will keep your mind and home refreshed throughout the day.

orange fire place

Believe me, ORANGES are here to save you and your condo unit as well as your home!